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RBMed - ultrasound systems, tomographic systems, transducers and other medical equipment

The Z.One - a revolutionary new ultrasound system

— Zone Sonography technology acquires data up to ten times faster than conventional systems;
— Z.one converts from a full-based cart system to a premium compact without compromising diagnostic confidence and delivers the same premium image quality and performance;
— provides a unique image quality , especially gray-scale ultrasonic examination;
— an automatic sound speed and its measurement gives unique abilities for examination and opens huge perspectives in particular oncology;
— At the core of the z.one ultrasound system's design is ZONARE's unique Zone Sonography software architecture that offers fast access to emerging clinical applications, along with quick and convenient upgrades to keep you at the forefront of diagnostic capabilities; also software upgrades can be downloaded over the internet;
— Z.one ultra uses significantly less power than conventional cart-based ultrasound systems that allows free-running of the machine by using storage battery.

details on www.zonare.ru

  • Moscow Regional Veterans Hospital has been cooperated with your organization since 2007. We have been receiving technical service and quality repair of advanced import technology always in time.

    Specialists who provide this kind of services possess special theoretical and practical training, and make competent decisions on renewal of the equipment.

    People who responsible for work organization belong to a management team, and they possess a strong sense of responsibility and understanding of importance of technical support.

    Administration of the hospital expresses deep gratitude and thanks for reliable maintenance of our equipment. It impacts positively on continuity of the medical-diagnostic process in unique medical-prophylactic institution of the Moscow region.

    The result of our work gives a solid base on a hope of further productive collaboration with expansion into other areas of cooperation.

    The head of the Moscow Regional Veterans Hospital - N.P.Shulekin.

  • I am thoroughly acquainted with ultrasound scanners Acuson 128XP/10 provided by R.B.Enterprise Inc. It's a very good technology, almost like new, within maximum set of programs and abilities. Leonov S.I used to be a senior engineer of the representative agency of Acuson in Moscow within 8 years of experience.

    Leonov S.I